Think different

by alcoholicbutter

What is so scary about “Think different”?

I’m not just talking about the scandalous (at the time) campaign of Apple computers, I’m talking about actually thinking not like everybody else.

At the time when Apple was going through many hardships and long before anyone thought it was cool or even appropriate to show off with a Mac, they decided to take a huge risk and ran an advertising campaign honouring people who think differently, who do things in a crazy way. Those who have been condemned, picked apart, then praised, then extolled by millions of humans.

What is it about humankind that makes our first reaction to anything different antagonistic, even hostile?

What makes humans, each unique in our own DNA and thoughts and emotions, alienate and bully those who do things differently?


My own closest family member, talented and open-minded, being branded as ‘crazy’ by her own friends.

I have another family member, called angry and crazy by most before those people turn around and praise him.

I have seen cliques forming, groups integrating, to drive a certain individual back into their own world because that person thinks different.

I have had that done to me.

But that is a good thing. Because no good has ever been done by groups or conglomerates, who usually corrupt as they gain power.

And while each individual might be isolated, individuality never dies.