Things that make me happy

by alcoholicbutter

I used to ponder over things that made me sad, capsule angry or disappointed. I slept on things that made me frustrated. I thought about things or people that I’d have loved to fix, things that I’d do differently if it were me, things that I’d like to throw away or eradicate.

Recently, time has had a wonderful effect on me. Time is a strong and powerful force, though it is very subtle. There were many things that would send me jumping up and down (in frustration), now I see them more calmly and more gently. Words that I sharpened in order to fight (for the pen is mightier than the sword), now I learn to work on them so they can build instead of piercing to ruin. Things over which I agonized for days and months, now I learn to let them go. So now in a natural way, I learn to notice more and more things that make me happy. The simple little joys I learn to appreciate with time, for without time, I would never have learned their value.


I’m happy when my family is healthy. Nothing takes away happiness as quickly as sickness.

I’m happy when I bring lunch for a friend at work, after many times she has fed me so generously.

I’m happy when S sends me funny emoticons on Viber.

I’m happy when I talk to my long-time friend and cousin, a friendship that has gone through many ups and downs.

I’m happy when there’s a new member in the family. Someone I really like.

I’m happy when people give me books.

I’m happy when I have my áo dài made.

I’m happy when I pick up a nice shade of lipstick. I’m happy when a friend takes her time to put the lipstick on for me.

I’m happy when I smell the rain.

I’m happy when I get compliments on a dress I wear.

I’m happy when I listen to debates or arguments. When I can, to the best of my capacity, help each side understand a little bit more of the other.

I’m happy when I slow down to listen more. When I listen not to criticize but to learn and accept.

I’m happy when I know how to say sorry and mean it. When the other person understands my sincerity.

I’m happy when I go shopping with my mum. I’m happy to have her as my best friend.

I’m happy when I make a good coffee and settle down with a good book.

I’m happy when I know people are getting excited each night for the World Cup (Strange, I know!)

I’m happy when I read.

I’m happy when I listen to my music.

I’m happy when I write.

I’m happy when I can get rid of the negative thoughts, stop the self-destructive criticisms and learn to silence the nagging voice inside me.

I’m happy when I know how to accept certain things as parts of life: time, age, differences, arguments, and points of views…

I’m happy when I know how to stop doubting myself.