So let’s think about this

by alcoholicbutter

Now let’s think about this.

We are born into this life to live.

Part of the living is working.

Let me get this straight from the beginning – I love working. It gives me a sense of purpose and achievement. It also broadens my mind and tests my skills. It lets me improve processes and help people. It makes me feel content.

But I also have the other parts of living to fulfill.

Now let’s think about time.

Time is probably the only element in life that you can’t escape.

We need time to live our life. So better make time become your friend, not your enemy, not your competitor, and definitely not your dictator.

Now, most of us mortals spend 5 days a week, 8 hours a day working, which makes for approximately 40 hours of working a week.

That leaves us 16 hours per day. In those 16 hours, 8 hours are used for eating, sleeping, personal hygiene activities.

In the 8 hours left, what do we do?

If we’re lucky, we don’t have to spend much of those 8 hours commuting to where we want to go.

But most of us are not lucky, so let’s take out 1-2 hours commuting a day. Dealing with traffic, fun, eh?

So 6 hours left. The questions we might want to think about are:

Can we fit all of the other elements of ‘living’ into this 6 hours?

Can we fulfill our “human” and “humane” needs?

Can we further ourselves and understand our souls?

Do we have enough time with our family?

Do we have enough time for fitness and health? (In the end, you have your own body to take care of.)

Do we have time to understand the purpose of being here, and what good can we do?

Or, are we just gonna pass away like most humans do?

I’m not advocating for the 4-working-day-week if it’s done individually.

Rather, I’m thinking about the whole system of things. The whole way corporations have set out to be from the beginning. The whole school of thought we’re trained to be thinking in.

How about we rethink?