Our wedding day

by alcoholicbutter

Just over 4 months ago I was a bride-to-be. Now that I’m thinking about it, all the memories and the emotions are still new and fresh, flooding back to me all at once.

Brides, you will panic. But you will love it, nevertheless. If you don’t love it, probably you shouldn’t be getting married 😉

Days and weeks before the wedding can feel overwhelming and almost as if you can never get anything done right, and on time, and up to standards. Your groom will be with you but in essence a wedding is like a bride’s child. You need to love it and think carefully about what you want and do it, after discussing with your husband to be.

You will be emotionally packed on the day. No matter how much preparation you have done, emotions will come flooding over your whole body and soul. We did a lot of preparation to the tiniest, most minute details of the set-up, the program, even contingency plans. But never could I plan for the emotions I would be feeling on the day.

Vietnamese brides – Walking down the stairs at your parents’ place to the altar for the traditional morning ceremony could be the longest and shortest and most exciting and somewhat frightening walk in your life. I never knew how I did it. I felt like I was floating and some force of energy was carrying me through. Next thing I know, people sitting at tables were looking at me, smiling. And tears were on my cheeks.

You will feel a short of breath as these emotions overwhelm you. You can take a look at your husband (I took a look at Steve and he smiled and my heart just melted and I think I cried even more 🙂 but believe me, your emotions will be strong.

You will forget a lot of things so you should write things down. And give the list to at least 1 person to help you with things. I gave the list to my maid of honour, my best friend, and my make-up artist. Those people are like cushions of comfort to help you get through the day being yourself, gorgeous and happy.

Your groom is going to be nervous as well, so don’t expect him to hang around or wait on you hand and foot at all times. Let him enjoy his moments as well.

Remember to live the day slowly. Many brides I talked to before the wedding said the day went by too fast, in a blink of an eye. I knew that, so I prepared by telling myself to savour every moment, slow it down, enjoy every single detail. Try to take photos with your eyes instead of just smiling for the camera. Try to talk to people instead of just listening to their congratulations. That’s how we did ours.

When you walk down the aisle you won’t be able to hear the bells ringing or notice the flower arrangements or how many people turn up for the wedding. You will just be able to see your path and your groom and your parent(s) next to you. So ask your parents or whoever walking you down the aisle to hang on YOU tightly and help you walk.

Your voice will shake when you exchange vows and you will experience that momentary glimpse of blankness. My hands were trembling uncontrollably but that’s the beauty of it. Everything I did on that day, my body and your soul will remember them forever.

Sit down and have a bite to eat, something to drink. Act normal amongst your guests. They are there to celebrate with you. Not there to look at you as if you’re a museum artefact. Eat, drink, laugh, dance.

That’s how we did it as husband and wife, and how I did it as a bride. And my wedding day was the best day I’ve ever lived.