What I would tell my 12-year-old self if I got a chance:

– Play more sports. The only sports that I can play now are individual ones: swimming, sick
running, mind jogging, and they are more like exercise. Play group sports, learn to run, sweat, be angry, be ecstatic, be comfortable with your body and your health. 

– Spend more time with family. One day, it happens as a natural course of life that we will spend less and less time with family, with Mum & Dad, brothers and sisters, and grandparents. Jobs, relationships, personal hobbies and your own family will happen along the way, until one day, they will move on from our life forever. 


Dear All, somnology

After a long period of dormancy, capsule I’ve decided to start writing again.

The only difference is, symptoms I’d like to turn my writing into something more, something that can potentially offer some value to you and bring some economic returns to me. I am open to receiving freelance writing offers. My writing skills include academic writing, business writing (proposals, CVs, cover letters…), copywriting, and translating (English to Vietnamese and vice versa). 

I have high standards for my own work and good work ethic. I respect clients’ needs, and I will deliver my best work to suit them. 

This is a professional portfolio of my advertising/professional writing works. Please note that the works below have been chosen by clients and have been published/run in Vietnam.




Wonderfarm Wintermelon “Refreshing Vietnam over 20 years”: TVC for a wintermelon drink favorite that has been refreshing Vietnam for over 20 years.

Vinamilk Fresh Milk 100%: TVC for the biggest brand of milk in Vietnam, visit this site now with vitamin D for immunity protection.

Heineken’s 140-year celebration: Promotion video for Heineken’s celebration

Abbott Total Comfort Formula: TVC for Abbott’s milk formula that comforts tummy and helps brain development

Abbott Gain Plus IQ: TVC for Abbott’s milk formula that promotes eye and brain development

GoldSoy CAD: TVC for a soymilk targeting women who need more calcium for strong bones



Tien Phong Bank. Businessman. “We understand behind every success are many sleepless nights.”


Tien Phong Bank. Shop owner. “We understand behind every small shop are thousands of obstacles.”


Tien Phong Bank. Family. “We understand behind every small house are countless efforts to save.”



Wonderfarm Wintermelon Print Ad. “Refreshing Vietnam over 20 years”.


Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 2.43.51 PM

Wonderfarm Dance “Dance with Bí ?ao, symptoms shine like a star”


Lipton Pure Green Print Ad “100% young tea leaves, a complete purity”

KV (2)

GoldSoy CAD “A soymilk with added calcium and vitamin D to support your bone system”


Vinamilk Fresh Milk 100% “Did you get enough Vitamin D today?”

VINAMILK PRINT 3-edited-revised-04



This section showcases my entries to the competition in 2014.

Vfresh Aloe Vera Tree Fund.




Wrigley’s Extra Gum