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tui là ng??i khó tính.


Nh?ng b?n hãy th? ngh? xem, tui và b?n, chung s?ng d??i m?t mái toà nhà, thì chúng ta c?ng nên hi?u nhau m?t tí ch? nh??

Tui và b?n, ai c?ng có headphone, v?y mà tui ?eo vào, còn b?n thì không.

Tui và b?n, ai c?ng thích nghe nh?c, v?y mà tui nghe nh?c mình tui thôi, còn b?n thì nghe là c? phòng cùng nghe.

Tui ngh? âm nh?c nó có ti?ng nói l?n l?m, vang v?ng l?m. Nó nói v? c? m?t con ng??i, c? m?t v?n hoá. Nó nói v? nhi?u th?, mà n?u có ng??i c? oang oang nh? v?y, b?n th?y sao?


Tui và b?n, ai c?ng ?n tr?a.

Tui và b?n, có khi ?n ? trong, có khi ?n ? ngoài.

Tui ?n xong, tui ?em ra r?a. Tui r?a xong, tui úp.

B?n ?n xong, b?n qu?ng ?ó. Ai r?a, ai úp?

Tui ngh? thói ?n nó c?ng có ti?ng nói l?n l?m, vang v?ng l?m. Nó nói v? c? m?t con ng??i, c? m?t v?n hoá. Nó nói v? nhi?u th?, mà n?u có ng??i c? qu?ng b?a bãi v?y, b?n th?y sao?


Tui và b?n, ai c?ng có ti?ng nói, ti?ng c??i.

Tui và b?n, có ng??i gi?ng cao, có ng??i gi?ng tr?m, có ng??i gi?ng ch?ng cao ch?ng tr?m.

Nh?ng v? âm l??ng, tui ngh? ai c?ng có th? ?i?u ch?nh ???c.

Tui ngh? ti?ng nói, ti?ng c??i nó nói lên nhi?u th? l?m. N?u mà b?n mua nh?m cái loa mà b?n không ?i?u ch?nh âm l??ng ???c, b?n th?y sao?


Tui v?n nói ít, nh?ng tui mong b?n hi?u nhi?u. Còn b?n hi?u ???c hay không, ch?c tui ch? có th? hy v?ng. Hehe.
I’m beginning to form a deeper and deeper understanding of the connection society of Vietnam.

In the past, therapy I was very critical of it and
If you ask me what marks the beginning of summer, shop I’d say the fruits and the rain.

Summer has the age-old reputation of bringing the sun, read the warmth and the festivities to most parts of the world. By bringing light and heat, viagra summer revives living things after a long, harsh, dormant winter and a chilly windy spring. Many cultures celebrate the summer solstice and associate it with fun and madness, with bonfires and dancing, some even take it to the extreme by going naked. However, summer can mean a different thing in a tropical city like Saigon. It’s usually about 2 things: fruits and rain.

The rain of summer. The monsoon rain. That sudden downpour that might last for hours and flood a lot of streets, or it might stop as quickly as it has started. That tropical thunder that hits with a bang. That lightning so striking and so bright against the grey, bland skyline that it almost hurts your eyes.

Here comes the rain.

The smell of earth meets mud meets leaves meets moss meets water meets motorbike fumes fills your nose. It is such a warm yet cool, an aromatic yet pungent, a chilled yet full of tension feeling that rain here brings. Our rain is warm, it is not cold and harsh. It is welcoming. It is engulfing. But it can be strong and it can be long.

Now come the fruits.

They flourish and they show their colors, they offer their sweetness, they offer their flesh. All kinds of tropical fruits come into life during summer. Both the North and the South of Vietnam have their unique offerings. To name a few: lychees, plums, longans from the North. Rambutans, mangoes, mangosteens from the South. Add these special seasonal fruits to our already rich and diverse fruit repertoire and you can imagine what kind of fruit heaven we live in during summer.

Summer surrounds us when it comes. It’s easy to be wide-eyed with so many colors and sounds and tastes. Summer wakes up a part of me and I feel more. To me it was the long hours of daydreaming and of having all the time in the world to read and see and imagine and write. It’s the mixed feelings of apprehension, excitement and slight dizziness when I first jumped into a big pool and tried to learn how to swim under the heat of the sun that to this day I still remember. It’s when I smell the rain and it opens me up from the inside. It’s when I regain that touch with nature in a city so busy with its construction sites and traffic. It’s the rush before the rain hits, it’s the emptiness when it comes, it’s the sleekness of the road that shines under dim yellow lights. It’s a woman riding a tiny, weak bicycle, covered in a thin plastic raincoat. It’s the street-food vendors who use raindrops to blur their worries. I feel as if the whole city is waking up and coming to terms with itself, when the rain comes, when summer comes.
Hi. My name is Quynh. I live in Saigon. I love to read and like to write. People usually say that I’m quite mature for my age. I love books, buy cialis coffee, therapy wine, troche seafood, good movies and secluded beaches. I spend a lot of time thinking and I have a fondness for abstract ideas. I am also a copywriter.

This blog is a collection of my writings, my thoughts, and inspirational things that I come across. Usually they are inspired by bouts of creativity or hours of thinking. Read me deeper than what I write. I hope you enjoy what you read and feel free to leave a word if you want to.

Thank you.

Disclaimer: All posts on this site reflect my personal views.